Hey there, my name is Erik Lenaerts and Line20 is the name of my company (independent contractor). I typically work in the Northern region of Belgium.

Enterprise Architecture is what I do, although that I must admit that there's a lot of mist around this role. So, let me explain in short what this means for me.

My scope is an IT landscape, sometimes I zoom in, sometimes I zoom out, but in general I work at the IT overall landscape level. From their I figure out if it fits to the goal(s) of the business. Trivial you would say? Believe me, a lot of customers have an IT landscape that they inherited or just got stuck with and is far from optimal for supporting the business. At least not new business.

That's where I come in. I help customers figure out how they can adapt their IT landscape without throwing everything away (wouldn't it be nice, to start fresh). Sometimes this mean working in bigger steps, sometimes this is a series of smaller steps. But the key is that they are random acts, they all fit together in "grand scheme".

I believe that I'm pretty good at seeing the bigger picture and also a future picture for a company. My added value for a company is that I can translate these towards practical steps and improvements for a customer's IT landscape.

That for me; is Enterprise Architecture. So, please, do't hire me if you want a person to draw boxes for the next 6 months in let's say Archimate to capture your As Is situation. I'll draw as much boxes that is needed to get you forward.

You can find me on LinkedIn and twitter

I work with a company E2 Partners, where I'm also Unit Manager of the 2Improve team, basically a bunch of people with the same passion and mindset.