Sunday 10 July 2011

Business Architect

Since a few days I'm telling various people about a missing role/person in the company. Whilst I may be an Enterprise Architect since a couple of months now; getting things done and organized in the IT departments seems just so easier than it is in the business side. I know it is due to my IT background that it just feels much more natural and hence you roll much better in the IT space. I consider myself doing a relative decent job (as a youngster in this role) in my natural habitat; acting like oil to make the machines run smoother again.

I believe a Business Architect is actually a person much needed to act as a counter part of the more tech savvy enterprise architect. This person should be the one that ties up the different departments and make them act according to the companies strategies; better yet, he should be involved in aligning the various departmental strategies into one coherent direction. Enterprise Architects coming from the IT corner will have a hard time to get this done; I believe this business oriented role is much more the destination for let's say a business analyst that never worked in IT.

An Enterprise Architect can get early involvement in the strategic exercises but will usually be coordinating between the business and IT; much less getting the ducks of every business department on a row, so there's definitely some work left for the business architect.

Funny when I was thinking all of this, that I read this article where the Business Architect snatches today's hottest IT role….