Friday 10 December 2010

Kanban workshop

Yesterday I was lucky to grab a Kanban workshop held by iLean. It was very good course given by Jef Cumps.
We started with a game where we had to "produce" the end product with a team. We had all kind of roles in the team ranging from PO's analysts, devs to testers and the customer. The goal was to produce as much as possible good products (postits  with some colored dots on). In the first iteration we had a huge amount of postits created and ongoing, somewhere around 100. Sadly only 2 were accepted by the customer (darn customer, with his strict acceptance criteria). In a second iteration, we were given Kanban rules with WIP limits and all. The result was amazing, we had far less ongoing things, more accepted and less stress. Nice excercicy :)
Always nice to learn it via an alternative way, had a lot of aha moments. Well done iLean !