Wednesday 16 January 2013

Personal expectations @work

In our ever increasing technology world we use technology both at home and at work.

Today there's a rather big difference between the two and many people find themselves using simple, user friendly systems and when they come back in the office they look at complex environments.

A lot of my customers are still working with legacy systems and are looking at green screens from an AS400 or mainframe. There's nothing wrong with those, except that the same people that uses them at work are having google's, facebooks, twitter and other consumer systems. When they go home they use all these systems in an intuitive and simple manner to do their social interactions or compare their next washing machine to replace the broken one. When they come back to the office, they miss all those features.

People grow technological experience at home and they unwillingly take all these experiences with them to work and form basic expectations. The gap between the consumer and business world is growing. The semantic Web 3.0 is coming and will make the consumer systems even smarter, look at the systems like Apple Siri, Google Now and Facebook Graph Search announced today.

More and more companies will have to realize that technology will make a key difference in their existence in order to withstand the expectations from you and me that we get from the leaders out there.