Wednesday 21 September 2011

How Parallels defeat VMWare using social media

Couple of weeks ago I upgraded my iMac at home to Lion OS X. To be honest, it was so easy that I had no issue at all clicking the buy button in the Mac Store and pay up the 25 €. Mac was grinding for a few hours and as with my 2 previous upgrades, I could get back to work immediately.

Besides some email indexing issue, the only broken thing for me was the VMWare Fusion software. It didn't start up my windows instances and as such I had troubles creating my invoices (was still on a windows software). 

I searched the web for a solution but found nothing that helped, in fact more the opposite. Official forum topics from VMWare about this topic where people were explaining similar situations just got locked by VMWare leaving their troubled customers in the dark. I went to the competitor and bought their offering, even got a discount if I proved to step over from VMWare. Parallels worked like a charm and I was back on track.

Few days ago I read on the internet that VMWare Fusion is out, not even a mail to a customer. Yes I did receive a mail, in a German which is a language I don't master. Anyway I was a bit upset and vented this on twitter.
VMWare Rant
 A few hours later I got the following message back from, guess who? Parallels:

Answer from Parallels
I was impressed and glad that they're out there watching and protecting their brand and products. Of course my reply was positive:
Thanking Parallels
 And a friendly closure:
Friendly closure
This is a very good example for me how one company clearly wins over another using the power of Social Media. Even if VMWare's new product, version 4.0 might be good, I'll stick with the company that serves me the best.

Well done parallels !