Friday 16 September 2011

Moved from Drupal to Blogger

Today I moved my blog from drupalgardens over to Blogger. The move is supported by 3 main reasons:
1) Blogger is simpler and more intuitive. All Blog functions are "closer", meaning they require less clicks. The UI is also cleaner and very metro looking.
2) drupalgardens is not moving fast imho, the login process is not working well on the desktop and is even more broke on my iPad.
3) Blogger is free. While the license for using drupalgardens was only $100 per year, I got a rather slow environment which wasn't really snappy. So, now I pay nothing and Blogger just works smoother.

Although I still like drupalgardens, it's scope is more generic than Blogger. If I need a small website with for example eCommerce facilities I would consider Drupal, but for my blogging needs I like Blogger the most.

One last + of Blogger is it's support in social media tools out there like klout, etc.

Well done google :)