Wednesday 12 June 2013

Is Microsoft going too far ahead?

It seems that Microsoft wanted to take the lead for a change in the technology landscape, not a bad idea. However they've put a lot of their prime products in the scale to wager with.

Before they launched Windows 8, Microsoft already announced that this was their biggest bet ever. And its Metro styled new start screen is for many, - especially with business users - not needed. In fact a version of Windows 8 that is much leaner, faster without the metro stuff would've been much more appreciated.
Then there's the Xbox One which is getting a hell of a beating from Sony's PS4. Microsoft again took the dive and projected a future of their gaming console that requires an internet connection, a camera that is watching you and a price point that looks it is targeted at hardcore gamers

In the previous years, Microsoft was more of a follower than a leader, this time however, they clearly want to take the lead. Good for them they can still bank on their Office cash cow product. Over time the market will understand what Microsoft trying to do here. At this point in time though, it seems they are shooting themselves in the foot. 

In my job I advocate continuous improvement, take small steps towards a future vision. It might be my personal nature to be cautions and calculated. I acknowledge that it is sometimes needed to take a few steps ahead, look what Apple did with the iPhone. How Microsoft will fare with their bold steps remains to be seen though.