Thursday 10 October 2013

Building responsive websites

Last evening I held a presentation showing how one can start building responsive websites.

The idea was not to give an in depth session but to inspire my colleagues at E2 Partners. I'm not an expert by far, but maybe my knowledge on the subject was just about enough to give them an appetite for more.

Started out by laying out the context, what exactly is responsive design. Check out my slides:

The session was recorded on tape which I still have to process. Additionally we streamed the event in public, more exactly my screen using Google Hangout On Air. We got a network failure halfway so, the stream was broken in 2 video's.

Google hangout on air uses YouTube as its streaming service, so the video's that were streamed appear shortly after on the E2 Partners youtube channel without any additional effort. This way other colleagues are able to watch the session when its more convenient for them.

In the demo's I showed how to use Twitter Bootstrap 3 and LESS programming. Seeing the reaction of the audience I believe some people will dive into these with great pleasure, mission accomplished ;)

The source code is free an hosted on a git repo on my bitbucket