Thursday 3 October 2013

Safari Books is getting it right

Every now and then you see steps in the right direction in the media and publishing industry. Safari Books Online (O'Reilly and Pearson Education) created a new innovative online product called Safari Flow. The product is simple, smart and personalized with a capital P.
Via an email invite I got access to the product with a simple non obtrusive signup page. Email, name, password, it couldn't be more simple (besides logging in with my Google or Twitter account perhaps)
Signup page
In the next step you can easily select the topics you are interested in. One click per topic does the trick. I selected Business, cloud, html5 and web design. So far a good user experience.
Choose your preference topics
Next you drop into the main page where you have 4 sections
  • Recommended for you
  • Popular in Your topics
  • Short & Sweet
  • News
Safari Flow uses Big Data technology to make these personalized suggestions based on your interests, your recent activity and what's trending.

Personalized content

The system allows you to read parts of their books, which again is personalized. Some people may get suggestion to read one section while others would get a suggestion for another section.

Safari Flow would tell you how long it would take to read it and how much time you would still need to read the remainder of the section if you read it in a couple of times.

With one click you can add proposed sections to your queue, basically a bookmark. 

The Search is blazingly fast and gives you the sections you might want to read on a book by book basis.

Search within Safari Flow
Safari Flow works like a charm on my mobile devices and offline reading will be added in future versions. 


I think these guys have found a great way to transform their legacy business "Books" into the digital age. They've used technology in a smart way to get you personalized content with a touch of content discovery.

Simple, intuitive and a smart product. Job well done, imho!

You can read more on the blog of Safari Flow.